Monday, November 5, 2007

upcoming craft fairs

thank you again to everyone who supported (enabled) my crafting addiction on saturday. since the fair went so well, i've decided to add two more to my schedule. they are as follows:

  • november 9 - 1 to 8 pm - scott's mill subdivision clubhouse, apex barbeque road, apex

  • december 1 - 9am to 3pm - st. thomas more school, 920 carmichael st., chapel hill

i hope to see y'all there!


Saturday, November 3, 2007

Whew....craft fair went very well

well, as i mentioned in my last post, i did my first every craft fair today. it was awesome! it is very validating to have someone other than family like my paper crafts (and to pay for them too). everyone was very nice and had wonderful things to say about the items i sold. i received a lot of good feedback on the booth design and display set-up (thanks jenn and michael). i was told time and time again that my items were unique looking, beautiful etc. it was wonderful to hear such nice things from total strangers.

today was a testing ground for products. it helped me determine what people were buying and what to make more of for the next time. and, yes, there will be a next time...thank goodness.

thank you to all the people who purchased my paper crafts. thanks also to jenn d. for helping me and being my "cheerleader" for the day. she's so sweet. and finally, thanks to my husband for convincing me that i should sell my creations.

here is a picture of the table display.

Monday, October 22, 2007

craft fair

i'm doing my first ever craft fair in a few weeks. i am doing so at the insistence of friends and family, especially my husband. he thinks what i do is incredible. what a nice guy!

the fair is at my church, st. andrew's, and from what i gather it's a pretty good gig. i was lucky enough to score a space inside the fellowship hall. apparently this is a big deal because i could have gotten stuck around the corner, down the hall etc... you get the idea. i am nervous which i guess is normal. i suppose everyone who creates art, in one form or another, wants others to like it. i hope it goes well.

here are some pics of the items i am selling. enjoy!

my daughter took these pictures. she's 4.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

and so it begins...

this is the beginning of a journey to document the addiction i have for paper and for making things out of paper. there are two "things" in life (aside from my daughter & husband) that give me that "gotta have it" feeling... cute shoes and beautiful paper. this blog is about the paper. i may occasionally include the shoes. enjoy!