Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I only had to make one Father’s Day card this year (loooooong story and you don’t want to read it here) As usual, I waited until the night before to make it and I think it came out pretty good. I work much better under pressure. Always have and always will.

Now, on to the details of the cards. I got my inspiration from Nichole Heady’s Special Dad Card. She created the background using her new Guide Lines Stamp Set. I wanted to make a background as well and used the dotted square from PTI’s Borders & Corners Monogram Edition. I used So Saffronink from SU and a “cheap” ink called “slate” from the dollar section at AC Moore. I love this color grey but now I need paper to match and that has been a problem. The sentiment on the card was created using MS word. The phrasing is from another PTI set called Father Knows Best. I don't have this set, yet. If $ were no object, I would have each and every one of PTI’s stamp sets (as well as a ton of other stuff that I don’t need). I know your with me on that!
I hope you like the card and thanks for looking. Have a great Sunday!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Papertrey Blog Hop

I had no intention of participating in the blog hop this month, but, the domestic goddesses were watching over me and the planets aligned because:
· the husband came home early from work
· the daughter went to bed early
· dished were done (by the husband) &
· American Idol ended last week.
So, since I had some free time what else is there to do but stamp!
Here is my Blog Hop card. I think it came out pretty nice considering it was "last minute".

Cardstock: SU’s Pretty in Pink &Creamy Caramel; PTI ‘s white
Ink: SU’s Pretty in Pink & Creamy Caramel; ColorBox Alabaster chalk ink
Stamps: PTI’s b&c monogram edition & trajan monogram
Other: Target – adhesive pearls; Heidi Swapp – polka dot ribbon

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Chick-fil-A Safety Patrol

Bobby Brady, watch out, there is a new sheriff in town! The Chick-fil-A Safety Patrol! Apparently, in our small town Chick-fil-A, we now have a self-appointed “Chick-fil-A Play Area Safety Monitor”, CFAPASM for short (or not).
Here’s how it all went down:

M (my daughter) and I decide to go to Chick-fil-A (CFA) for lunch. Tuesday is our day to take it slow. No rushing out the door for pre-school or work. We can stay in our PJ’s all day if we want. Today, we decided to have lunch at CFA. Today was a flip-flop day. Rainy but warm. Warm enough for capris and flip-flops. We got our lunch, ate it and M went in the play area to play.

Me: Keep your flip-flops on b/c you don’t have any socks on.

3 minutes elapse while M plays, then she come out of the play area, upset.

M: Mom, that girl in there says I have to take my shoes off and you told me to leave them on.
Me: Yes, I did and if she says something again, just tell here that you are doing what you mom told you to do.

M returns to the play area and I can see a Mom saying some thing to M and M getting upset. The Mom gets up and I see her going to the manager and my maternal instincts kick in. This mom is going to report M to the manager for wearing plastic flip-flops in the play area! If this were the ice-age, I probably would have clubbed her. I can feel my blood boiling!

Here’s how that went down:

Me: (to the other Mom) Do you have a problem with my daughter?
Other Mom: She is wearing flip-flops in the play area and she is not supposed to.
Me: Then you come to me and discuss it and not the manager or my daughter!
Other Mom: Her flip-flops are a safety hazard.
Me: My daughter is doing exactly what I asked her to do and if you have a problem with that then you discuss it with me.
Other Mom: I don’t have to discuss it with you, it is an issue for the manager.

I am furious at this point, M is coming out of the play area b/c the manager said something to her and M is upset, again. So, the madness had to stop and my final words were “Just mind you own business”. I could have said worse. I felt like saying worse. I needed to be a good example for M. So, I stopped there and we got ice cream and talked. I wanted M to know the following:

  • I am glad she listened to me about her flip-flops.
  • I am glad she came to me instead of arguing with the girls and their mom.
  • I am glad that she was respectful to the store manager.
    And most importantly
  • I will stick up for her in any situation.
    The talk then turned to Webkins and all was well. Kids recover quickly. Especially when the band-aide is ice cream.

    It boils down to this: Don't mess with my kid! I know that the rules posted in the play area say that kids should remove their shoes. These were plastic flip-flops, not lethal combat boots. But if that Mom has nothing better to do with her time than to tattle on a 5-year old child who is wearing benign flip-flops in a play area, then she needs to get a hobby. Hmmm… maybe she should start stamping.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Papertrey Ink Blog Hop

I had fully intended to participate in the "first-ever" Papertrey Ink Blog Hop tomorrow, but life is unpredictable and "life" will not allow the time. I'll catch y'all next month.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Polka Dots & Paisley

By far, the Stampin' Up set that I have enjoyed the most is Polka Dots & Paisley. I have found so many uses for this stamp set ...from the obvious, cards ... to scrapbook pages and wrapping paper. I love it, love it, love it.

Surprisingly, my favorite stamp from the set is the polka-dot background. It is very subtle and it looks great when used tone on tone with Versa Mark ink. I find myself using this particular stamp over and over. But, I didn't use it on this card, did I? Go figure?

I'm not sure who the recipient of this card will be, but, whoever receives it, I hope they will enjoy it. I sure do.

Stamps: Polka Dots & Paisley
Card stock: Old Olive, So Saffron & Cameo Coral
DP(Desinger Paper): Petals & Paisley
Ink: Old Olive
Accessories: Target- paper flowers; Brads- Making Memories; Ribbon: Michael's

Sunday, March 9, 2008

New Design

I stayed up way past midnight (thanks to the time change) and worked on my blog header. I am very happy with it and now that I know how to do it, maybe I'll change it up once in a while. I really like the flowers in the left hand corner ... they make me happy. I still have some "tweaking" to do, but I'll save that for tonight. I think I'm finally getting a hang of this blogging thing! Now I just have to do something about my cheesy picture :).

Friday, March 7, 2008


I am trying to re-design my blog to make it look "prettier". I am doing this during pre-school hours. Have you ever tried typing with a wiggly 5 year old on your lap? I'm sure many of you have. Anyway, please bare with me as I make some changes in the next few days. Any input would be greatly appreciated.