Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Scrapbooker's Hangover

scrap-book-er's hang-o-ver [hang-oh-ver]


1. the disagreeable physical after effects of staying up much too late on consecutive evenings to indulge in the hobby of creating stunning page compilations in scrapbook albums.

2. execssive exhuastion and crankiness as a direct result of sleep deprevation due to #1 above.

[Origin: 2008, M.T. Bustin]

yes, i am suffering from scrapbooker's hangover and i am proud of it. i spent 3 days at wrightsville beach with the girls (hi jen!) scrapbooking my little heart out and staying up way too late. i have no regrets because, in my opinion, i created some of the best pages i have ever done.

this page is one of my favorites. it is of my dd's toes right after her first "big girl" pedicure. how sweet!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering which page you would post. Excellent choice! How soon before Michael's definition is available on a cardstock sticker? ;)

Anonymous said...

Oooops, that was me, Jenn. :) Like a dork I forgot to sign it.